L’acqua Viva Hotel Beaches – Nosara, Costa Rica

Just a few minutes from L'acqua Viva Hotel, you have the opportunity to experience the beauty and unique characteristics of the different beaches of Nosara, with their paradise atmosphere and low-profile development that has kept the area pristine and natural.

Pelada Beach:

This beach is only 800 meters away, following the main road toward Nosara. It is a wonderful beach of light sand, which has received the Blue Flag award for the cleanest Costa Rican beaches.

Here, you can enjoy the waves and see some caves formed by rocky outcroppings. High tide can be dangerous here with currents; please take special care with children.

Guiones Beach:

We are 1.2 km from Guiones; however, it is only a short walk from Pelada Beach. The beautiful light sand and wonderful waves make a perfect combination for surfers, resulting in a large number of facilities near the beach.

Guiones Beach has repeatedly been the scene of many competitions on the National Surfing Championship circuit, almost always held in February

Nosara Beach:

This beach is 4 km away. It is a dark gray sand beach, located on the north side of the Nosara River. It is surrounded by an impressive biodiversity, which makes it an ideal place to explore.

Ostional Beach:

Ostional is 8 km from the hotel; it is a 15 to 20-minute drive by car. There, you can enjoy the unique experience of being on the second most important nesting beach for Olive Ridley and Leatherback sea turtles. During the time of mass arrivals, thousands of turtles cover this beach.

San Juanillo:

This beach is located about 25 minutes by road from the hotel. It is an especially good beach for snorkeling. It is a closed-off beach, which means the surf is much quieter, and this in turn, makes it highly recommended for swimming for the whole family. It also has several spots of shade for those who simply want to relax on the beach. (NOTE: swim with a mask and flippers to snorkel.) San Juanillo offers a very unique characteristic of having a strip of white sand, and another strip of black sand, divided by a gravel road. In the winter, the road tends to be covered by water, which gives you the sensation of facing an island.

Playa Garza:

This beach is another major attraction of the area, located 15 minutes away, and accessible throughout the year. Garza is a very quiet, shaded beach good for swimming. There is an area for snorkeling, and though it has no dock, there is an area for boats. The sand is dark, in between the light sand of other beaches in the area and the black sand of Ostional.

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