Curu Wildlife Refuge

Curu is privately owned and part of a large farm which combines sustainable agriculture and forest management with the protection of wildlife and nature. Curu boasts a rich and diverse wildlife in five different habitats ranging from marine zones and mangrove swamps, to tropical dry and rain forests, as well as farmland.

Curu also connects its wildlife to the biological wildlife corridor of Nicoya Peninsula. When driving on the road from Paquera to Tambor you will pass through a heavily forested part with giant trees. This strip of the forest allows animals to migrate between Curu and the mountainous interiors of the peninsula. Drive slowly and be careful with the animals on the road.

For eco-tourists and animal lovers the Curu Wildlife Reserve is one of the highlights of the Nicoya Peninsula. This is a tropical paradise where its visitors will be guaranteed to see lots of animals in their wild habitat.

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