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Green Coasts

Green Coasts / Coastal Restoration

Green Coasts Conservation Association (La Asociación Conservacionista Costas Verdes), a non-profit non-governmental organization, is in charge of two projects of great impact for the country on environmental issues: the restoration project of Hermosa Beach in the area of Jacó on the Central Pacific; and the restoration project of Playa Guiones at Nosara in Guanacaste.

Called BarriGuiones, the second initiative started in 2011 and is in the area of Hotel L'acqua Viva, on one of the most beautiful beaches in Guanacaste – Playa Guiones – which has even been included in the national surf circuit.

It is a project that aims to reforest over the next years a line of approximately seven kilometers of beach, which will result in recovering the biodiversity in the coastal area, and at the same time, create a shade area for the enjoyment of families visiting the beach.

This project seeks to rescue native species in the area of Playa Guiones, and actively involves local schools and the community. The results promise to be very favorable and soon will bring food to local wildlife and help control erosion on the beach.

The association is not limited to planting trees; it also extends its activity to cleaning and conservation of the reforested areas. It has its own staff, but also relies on volunteers for support to move forward this initiative.

For this reason, Hotel L'acqua Viva has partnered with Green Coasts in this effort. Formally, we have done so by becoming a sponsor. Additionally, we have engaged in various projects, including promoting the association’s activities with our hotel guests.

As a result of our partnership, guests will find at the hotel comprehensive information about the organization and the project. Close to the parking area of the hotel, you can see a Kapok tree, or Potbelly Ceibo (Ceibo Barrigón), the symbol tree of the project which is planted at the hotel in recognition of our contribution.

The Kapok tree (Ceibo Barrigón) joins an extensive list of species already planted in the hotel’s large gardens, many of which were already here from before construction and have been preserved as part of our commitment to environmental conservation.

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