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Upon definition of our policies, we have taken concrete steps to the next level: that of action. We have done this through the establishment of specific programs that capture the spirit of each of the commitments made under those policies.

Environmental Programs
Hotel L'acqua Viva translates into concrete actions, within its routine operations, its commitment to environmental protection. This includes programs and projects that may go unnoticed by others.

This is one of the most ambitious projects at Hotel L'acqua Viva. The property on which the hotel was built boasts some of the most important tree species in the Pacific region of Costa Rica; so from the beginning, we set ourselves the challenge of conserving them.

To meet that goal, the entire complex was designed under a concept that would complement this natural dynamic.

Among the species that are in our gardens we can mention:

- Yellow Mombin or Hog Plum / Jobo / Spondias mombin

- Silk Cottontree / Poro poro / Cochlospermum vitifolium

- Lemonwood or Lancewood / Madroño (Salamo) / Calycophyllum candidisimum

- Palm / Palma real / Attalea rostrata

- Dyer's Mulberry / Mora / Maclura tinctoria

- West Indian Elm / Guácimo / Guazuma ulmifolia

- Gold Trumpet Tree / Cortes Amarillo / Tabebuia ochracea

- Spanish Elm or Laurel / Laurel / Cordia alliodora

- Soursop / Toreta (Soncoya) / Annona purpurea

- Gumtree / Yos, Lechoso / Sapium glandulosum

- Plumeria or Frangipani / Flor Blanca (Juche) / Plumeria rubra

- Surá wood / Surá (Guayabón) / Terminalia oblnga

- Soapberry / Jaboncillo / Sapindus saponaria

- Kapok or Cottontree / Ceiba / Ceiba pentandra

- White Ramoon / Ojochillo / Trophis racemosa

- Mexican Breadfruit or Swiss Cheese Plant / Mano de tigre / Monstera deliciosa

In the years following construction, we have launched a sustained effort to develop the gardens within the framework of the project design.

Today, we have combined in harmony the natural vegetation that was rescued and maintained during construction, with new elements we have incorporated in recent years.

The project of the gardens is of particular importance to Hotel L’acqua Viva, since the hotel borders the Nosara Biological Reserve, which in turn adjoins the strip of land that legislation protects along the beachfront. Therefore, our gardens constitute an integral part of the biological corridor in the area. In fact, for a significant part of the year, monkeys pass through the trees of the hotel, and other species walk openly in the gardens, though of course, posing no risk to humans.

Moreover, the hotel has its own nursery, which caters to its internal needs, and additionally allows us to make donations to community organizations for their own projects.

Here we have species like:

- Giñate

- Bitterwood / Hombre Grande

- Crotons

- Fishtail Palm / Palma Cola de Pez

- Gold Trumpet Tree / Corteza Amarilla

- African Tulip Tree or Flame Tree / Llama del Bosque

- Anthurium salvinii / Tabacones

- Ylang-Ylang

- Golden Shower Tree / Caña Fístula

- Butterfly Palm / Palmera Múltiple

- Ginger / Yinger o Alpina

- Guarianthe skinneri orchid / Guaria Morada

- Orchids / Orquídea

Hotel L'acqua Viva has two gardens for hotel use that take advantage of the agricultural potential of the area. From these, we obtain a wide range of products that end up in our kitchen and the bar as ingredients in the preparation of various dishes and drinks.

In one garden, which is older, we produce:

- Lemon trees / Limón ácido

- Lemon Tangerine trees / Limón mandarina

- Cocoa / Cacao

- Cassava / Yuca

- Star Apple / Caimito

- Tangerine trees / Mandarina

- Mint / Menta

- Papaya

- Water Apple / Manzana de agua

- Soursop / Guanábana

- Panamanian Chilies or Habaneros / Chile panameño

- Jalapeño Chilies / Chile jalapeño

- Oregano / Orégano

- Ginger / Jengibre

- Wild Oregano / Orégano silvestre

- Chile de Arbol peppers / Chile pico de pájaro

- Juanilama medicinal plant / Juanilama

- Lemongrass / Zacate limón

- Cashew trees / Marañones

- Red banana trees / Banano rosa

- Mexican Coriander / Culantro coyote

- Rue / Ruda

- Aloe / Sábila

- Malaga Orange trees / Naranja malagueña

- Loquat trees / Níspero

In our second garden, which was designed more recently, we have:

- Zucchini / Zucchini

- Thyme / Tomillo

- Cherry Tomatoes / Tomate cereza

- Radishes / Rábano

- Cilantro / Culantro castilla

- Red bell peppers / Chile dulce

- Mint / Menta

- Tarragon / Estragón

- Rosemary / Romero

- Basil / Albahaca

- Wild Oregano / Orégano silvestre

- Rue / Ruda

- Wild Thyme or Winter Thyme / Tomillo de invierno

- Oregano / Orégano

Hotel L'acqua Viva has taken the responsibility to permanently maintain the public land parallel to our facilities, on the road that connects Nicoya with Nosara, thus collaborating with the local municipality.

These tasks are performed periodically by the maintenance crew of the hotel, as part of our contribution to the community, given that there are many people who use the road on bicycles or motorcycles and require the best levels of visibility for safety.

At the same time, the hotel also has taken on the task of cleaning and maintaining the land behind its facilities, where the Costa Rican Electrical Company (ICE) has its primary lines. This constitutes a direct contribution to this public entity and to the community.

As we have pointed out, our gardens are one of our biggest attractions for the enjoyment of our guests. However, they require permanent care, especially watering during the dry season, which in this area lasts from December through April.

We have taken care to properly use residual waters and the sediments that are produced from our sewage treatment plant.

The residual water allows us to feed the internal network of irrigation, while the compost is used as fertilizer; all benefit the beauty of our gardens. That is part of the secret that explains the good condition of our gardens. The rest is the result of great care by our gardeners in their daily work.

Recycling, streamlining and re-use of materials

In all administrative processes, we have established systems to reuse paper.

In addition, we have a waste sorting program, so only that which cannot be reused is sent to the garbage collection truck.

To complement this, each week, staff of the Nosara Recycling Association – a local private non-profit organization – receives all recyclable materials at their Collection Center, which guarantees a group of women from the community access to decent work and a way to earn a living.

Another element in this plan is the reuse of containers from laundry or kitchen products. Normally, they go to our nursery; also, hotel employees can use them in their homes. The containers are very useful in places where you often have to collect water before there is a cut in the municipal water service.


Energy and Water Saving

As part of our commitment to protecting the environment, Hotel L'acqua Viva has developed energy saving programs, in which guests can get involved.

We have replaced air-conditioning systems in the rooms in order to introduce equipment that is more efficient with lower energy consumption.

In addition, all of our rooms are designed to allow natural light to enter during the day; and a high percentage of light bulbs and fluorescent lights used on site are low consumption.

Even in external corridors, motion sensors are used so that the overhead lights are turned on only for a brief period while people are passing.

Along the hotel sidewalks we use lighting at ground level with 12 watt bulbs to contribute to our goal of controlling consumption.

And, in general, our equipment in the kitchen and laundry areas uses modern technology. Most even operate with LPG gas instead of electricity.

Moreover, in each of the hotel rooms we have installed programmable optical switches connected to the main electrical system. These devices are activated only with the electronic card that serves as a key to enter the rooms. We have developed communication programs to raise awareness among guests about the importance of removing the key every time they leave room to avoid unnecessary electrical consumption.

Aware of the need to conserve drinking water in the area of Guanacaste, Hotel L'acqua Viva has taken actions to conserve water.

Our maintenance team constantly performs preventive maintenance work to avoid leaks in showers, sinks and toilets, in all areas of the hotel.

At the same time, we maintain a constant invitation to our guests to join this effort. Such participation includes supporting our policy of not washing towels or changing bedding daily, except if necessary.

Besides these efforts, Hotel L'acqua Viva also gives a regular monthly donation to the Administration Association of the Rural Aqueduct of Nosara, along with the regular payment for water service, in order to contribute to the development of the local aqueduct.










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