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Karen Mogensen Nature Reserve

On the Nicoya Peninsula this protected zone hosts large areas of primary forest with giant trees, lushly adorned with mosses, vines and many orchids. The Karen Mogenson Nature Reserve is located in the mountains of the Nicoya Peninsula, at an altitude between 100 and 700 meters. Its 760 hectares form part of Costa Rica's biological corridor.

The Karen Mogenson Reserve is off the beaten tourist path. To fully explore the reserve and its attractions you can stay overnight in the reserve's cozy guest house up in the hills.

Due to a reforestation program the dry tropical forest is now in transition to a humid forest and boasts a spectacular array of flora and fauna, many of which are in danger of extinction.

Rare animals like ocelots, jaguars, pumas and otters make of the forest, their home also countless birds and butterflies can be seen.

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