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Community Involvement

Hotel L'acqua Viva supports local initiatives that contribute to generating income for the families of our community.

1 – Promotion of tours: We spare no resources in promoting tours offered in the area by local small businesses. Both on our website and in the directories that guests have in their rooms, we maintain a comprehensive list of activities that can be done in our area of the country, with details of the relevant contacts.

We believe that tourism should benefit the entire community, and at the same time, we think that tourists have the right to plan their vacations with first-hand information beyond the services of the hotel.

2 - Promotion of local transportation services: In this community, there is a large group of small businesses dedicated to transportation services. These micro-entrepreneurs receive the support of Hotel L'acqua Viva through managed services for our customers.

3 - Garbage collection: The hotel hires the services of a local microenterprise to meet this need, contributing therefore to local initiatives to generate employment, and indirectly benefitting many people in the community. Additionally, this supports and complements the work of the local municipality.

4 - Application of molasses on the public street: This is a common practice among businesses of the area during the dry season. The main road is not paved and generates dust levels that are very problematic for the population and for the hotel.

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