Las Baulas National Park

Playa Grande is only a shell's throw away from Tamarindo but it feels worlds apart from its neighbor across the estuary. Construction in Playa Grande is set back from the beach to conserve the shoreline, and at night lights must be shielded so the turtles are not disturbed.

You will encounter few people on a beach walk along Playa Grande. Avoid to walk on the soft-sanded upper part of the beach as you might destroy turtle egg layings. The beach of Playa Grande forms part of the National Park Las Baulas which protects Costa Rica's most important nesting site of leatherback sea turtles.

Vacationers here are mostly eco-tourists, surfers, or simply those who wish to escape the crowds and enjoy instead tranquility, nature attractions and perfect surf.

The beach of Playa Grande is a miles-long crescent of fine, pale sand backed by coastal vegetation which the constant ocean breeze has shaped into a conical form.

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