Nosara Biological Reserve

Located where the turtles meet the monkeys, this area has enjoyed both the protection of the national parks system, as well as the decades-old efforts of the local citizens association that keeps the beaches pristine and ensure hundreds of acres of protected forest interspersed with small-scale development.

The Nosara Biological Reserve is a 50 hectare private nature reserve on the southern side of the Rio Nosara. It is home to monkeys, coatis, armadillos, deer and wild cats. 270 different species of birds have been sighted and in the mangroves you may even encounter crocodiles.

The entrance to the reserve is on the hill, at the Hotel Lagarta Lodge. From here you overlook the river estuary and the shoreline as far as Playa Ostional.

The entrance fee of $ 6 is paid at the hotel and a trail map with information, are included in the charge. Nosara offers a wealth of activities, from low-key nature exploring to thrilling sports and adventure.

In the early morning at 6:30 a.m. you can participate in a guided tour of the reserve where you can learn about trees and plants of the tropical dry forest, one of the world's rarest habitats.

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