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Surfing Nosara, Costa Rica

Playa Guiones:

This white sandy beach has for many years been the site of Costa Rica national surfing championships, along with other top beaches in the country, like Hermosa Beach, Jacó, and Salsa Brava in Manzanillo. It is one of the best surfing beaches in Costa Rica.

The beach break is all sand, no reef; and the waves vary along the beach, satisfying all levels of surfers. One of the best things about Playa Guiones is that you can surf at any tide. At low tide, the wave is a little more closed with great tubes. From mid-tide to high tide, the wave is slower and stronger. However, in either tide, Playa Guiones always has waves that are fun to ride. Guiones is an open ocean beach, so the waves roll in with full force.

Guiones is perfect for everyone, from beginning to advanced surfers. There are several surfing schools at Playa Guiones; among them, “Corky Carroll's” offers preferential rates for guests at L'acqua Viva Resort & Spa.

This beach is accessible from the hotel throughout the year.

Playa Ostional:

This is a black sand beach, about a 15 minutes’ drive away from L'acqua Viva Resort. When the tide is low to medium, the wave at Ostional is more tubular; it is a heavy, strong wave. Surfers who are at intermediate level and above will have plenty of fun on this beach; but it is not a beach for someone learning to surf.

Ostional is open to the ocean and the waves roll in with full force. This beach is accessible from the hotel throughout the year.

Playa Marbella:

This beautiful white sandy beach can be reached after driving about 45 minutes on the route toward Tamarindo, to the north.

Playa Marbella is for advanced surfers. The waves are tubular with heavy surf, and it is a sandy beach break with no reef. Sandbars create natural breaks in the wave action.

Playa Camaronal:

This beach is also 45 minutes away by land, but to the south on the route toward Mal Pais. You should take note that in the rainy season, the route to get there can be tricky or not possible because you must cross the River Ora.

Camaronal is a black sand beach, open to the sea, where the swell comes in with power. It is also a sandy bottom beach with sandbars that stagger the quick-breaking waves.

This beach is recommended for intermediate to advanced surfers. It is not suggested for beginners.

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