9 ways L'acqua Viva Resort practices sustainability in Nosara Costa Rica

100% Eco FriendlyEco-friendly travel and sustainable tourism are very important in the travel and tourism industry nowadays. Planet-conscientious travelers are seeking out eco-friendly lodging wherever they travel.

In ecotourism hotspot Costa Rica, L'acqua Viva Resort & Spa is a leading sustainable tourism hotel in Playa Guiones at Nosara. The Costa Rica luxury hotel is owned by a family company that is committed to operating responsibly, conserving the environment and supporting the local community.

Here are nine ways L'acqua Viva Resort practices sustainability.


1. Nosara Costa Rica recyclesRecyclable materials are taken to the Nosara Recycling Association.

2. Energy saving programs include modern technology appliances in the kitchen and laundry areas, most operating with LPG gas instead of electricity, and special switches in hotel rooms that turn on the electricity only with the electronic room key card.


3. The hotel’s exuberant gardens are one of the highlights of L’acqua Viva Resort’s sustainability program. The property on which the hotel was built hosts important native tree species of the northern Pacific region of Costa Rica. Hotel construction has worked around the trees in order to conserve them. More trees have been planted over the years, creating the virtual oasis of green that is a big attraction for hotel guests.

L'acqua Viva Resort & SpaHowler monkey at L'acqua Viva Resort in Nosara Costa Rica

L’acqua Viva Resort places particular importance on the gardens since the hotel borders the Nosara Biological Reserve, which in turn adjoins the community-protected strip of land bordering the beachfront. L’acqua Viva’s gardens have become an integral part of the Playa Guiones biological corridor – which makes for great wildlife viewing right at the hotel. Howler and white-faced monkeys pass through the trees, and other animals like coatis walk in the gardens (posing no risk to guests who leave them alone).

Additionally, the hotel has a fruit and vegetable garden that supplies the restaurant kitchen and the bar with ingredients for meals and drinks. A hotel nursery supplies the gardens and also allows for donations to community organizations.

4. Residual waters and sediments produced from the hotel’s sewage treatment plant irrigate and fertilize the gardens – part of the secret why the gardens stay beautiful all year long. The rest is the result of great care by L’acqua Viva’s gardeners.

5. Water supply is a big issue in the dry Guanacaste province. To help with water supply, maintenance and conservation, L'acqua Viva donates monthly to the Administration Association of the Rural Aqueduct of Nosara.

Planting trees on Playa Guiones, image by BarriGuiones Coastal Reforestation Project6. L'acqua Viva Resort maintains the public land around the hotel by cutting back vegetation that hinders visibility along the public road, and that interferes with electrical lines.

7. L’acqua Viva Resort helps sponsor the Green Coasts Conservation Association that is restoring the coastal ecosystem at Playa Guiones by reforesting the beach area with native tree species. Planting trees creates much-needed shade from the blazing tropical sun, helps control erosion and re-introduces food sources for local wildlife.

8. Being part of the Playa Guiones community means helping with the Costa Rica Ecological Blue Flag Program, awarded recently to Playa Guiones, Playa Pelada and Playa Nosara for continuing to be some of Costa Rica’s cleanest beaches.

Olive Ridley turtles arrive in Ostional Costa Rica9. L'acqua Viva Resortsupports the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica with naturalist guided tours to see nesting sea turtles. The Ostional National Wildlife Refuge is the second largest nesting site in the world for Olive Ridley sea turtles, along with Leatherback and Pacific Green sea turtles. Turtles nest at Ostional all year round, but from July to December is the time for the mass arrivals of tens of thousands of turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs, called “arribadas” in Spanish.

Article by Shannon Farley

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